Our pricing

The list of services we offer is comprehensive and includes (but isn’t limited to!): Network support and maintenance; VPN configuration; WiFi installation; Ubiquiti Unifi installation and management; Internet & SIP/VOIP phone provision using select partners; Computer optimisation; and much, much more.

Ad Hoc (per hour) IT Support

Ideal for the individual, entrepreneur, family user or home business, this option attracts an hourly fee.

ViljieCo is experienced in solving many different IT-related problems, and rendering a variety of IT-related services, so give us a call now for quick and painless resolution of your IT problem!

Managed Service Provision (MSP)

Ideal for the entrepreneur, small business owner or medium-sized enterprise, this option is offered at a set monthly fee (tailored to your specific needs and resources).

Proactive lines of defence, proactive troubleshooting, consistent 24/7 monitoring of your system and machines and full backup support are just some of the services you will enjoy with ViljieCo as your MSP.

Give us a call now for a tailored quote and competitive rates.

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